Stay Protected With 3FA™

Phones can be hacked, SIM cards can be duplicated, and today’s Two-Factor Authentication solutions can be compromised. That’s why we’ve developed a revolutionary new Three-Factor Authentication application, which provides a flexible, scalable, and completely secure solution for user authentication.

3FA™ is a mobile & desktop authentication platform that provides payment processors and service providers with impenetrable user security. It works by intermingling human & machine logic to create quantum-proof login encryption, and protects against SMS & QR-code hacking while offering Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) fallback protection for lost or legacy devices.

In today’s world, cybercriminals utilize sophisticated schemes to steal other people’s’ money, documents and valuable data – which is increasingly stored remotely in the cloud. That’s why 3FA utilizes on-device encryption powered by a secure-tunnel protocol, which ensures that your encrypted PIN is never stored openly, and it cannot be accessed even if a server is compromised.

We call this technology “SwapWire”, and it’s our proprietary method of transport for your random PIN-code, ensuring that encrypted communication channel between the user and the server can never be compromised – and the data remains secure on the server itself.

Ready to learn more? Find out if Three-Factor Authentication is right for you by contacting us on the form below! When you do, you’ll received detailed information about how 3FA can improve your user’s online security.

Your Security Is Our Passion

Three Factor Authentication was developed by Crispmind, LTD, which holds over 50 patents, know-how’s, proprietary software registrations and other forms of intellectual property for a wide array of emerging technologies focused on information security, distributed ledger protocol, online messaging, and cryptocurrency.

Based in Chicago, we’re a premier intellectual property & software development firm with decades of combined experience and a focus on quality, cost-effectiveness, and customer ease of use.

We leverage the expertise of a top-notch team of international developers who have created breakthrough software platforms for secure messaging, user-authentication, blockchain and distributed ledgers, cryptocurrency, and much more.

Our solutions have found applications with a number of key clients ranging from government organizations to individual customers, and we pride ourselves on providiong all of our clients with the highest levels of quality, reliability & cost-effectiveness.

Innovation drives achievement, and at Crispmind we’re committed to producing unique solutions to today’s most complex problems. Contact us now and learn how we can help solve your most difficult technology problems.


Crispmind is a Chicago-based cybersecurity and distributed ledger protocol startup venture with decades of combined experience. In addition to our US team, we’re proud to have a development group in Kazan, Tatarstan with expertise in cybersecurity and a focus on high-quality application development.

Our team is led by experienced cryptography and mobile security experts with proven track record of successful projects. Our development team has been working relentlessly to design & build the friendliest and most secure authentication platform available on the market today.



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